uNmINeD 0.12.5-dev

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • Fixed memory leaks
  • (GUI) Added zoom in
  • (GUI) Added some keyboard bindings
  • (GUI) Added region cache (lower disk usage)


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  1. Gravzort

    Thanks for this, is my favorite tool around! It’s good to see the improvements you’ve been doing on it.

  2. ButWhyMe

    You are incredibly fast fixing these issues and adding new features. Very nice work.
    Would it be possible to generate the map in a higher resolution?
    Maybe as an opt-in, I guess it would take significantly longer to process but I would love to zoom in just a little more sometimes.

  3. OldPhart

    Mr. megasys,

    I’m so pumped to see that this mapper is still being updated!! I can’t live without it…lol. Thank you for your hard work.

    I’m sure you’ll add features as you go along but just in case you’re starting from scratch due to the 1.13 changes or you’re developing based off comments, here are some old features I’d love to see in GUI:

    – Y slicer view slider
    – hovering a cursor over a block and it tells you what it is & the X/Y/Z coords (maybe show the biome name too?)
    – night view toggle

    Would it be possible to add a feature that lets us “bookmark” (save) a location? For people like myself who have many bases all over our worlds, it would be nice to click on a saved “bookmark” and have unmined whisk us to that location instead of us having to scroll endlessly. I’m no programmer so not sure how difficult or easy it would be to add this particular feature.

    Of course there are other features that were in the old version of unmined but the above are what I’d consider super useful to myself and others. Thank you again!!

    1. megasys

      Y slicer and block/coords info are available in 0.12.6 (released today). Night view and bookmarks will be available soon.

      1. OldPhart

        Mr. megasys, I tried out the 0.12.6 version and it absolutely rocks with the Y slicer view + the cursor info!! I’m so stoked & can’t wait to see more features get added in the future versions. Thank you…you’re the BEST!!

  4. Jacki

    I love this tool, even in its development state. I think it’s a good sign if I spend more time with unMined than with actual minecraft, exploring the own worlds for a second time. Works like a charm, though .Net Framework issues almost kept me from installing this. Thanks! Though I hope some additional features are still introduced, like filtering for dungeons, maybe a little bit more zoom… Awesome tool overall!

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