Progress report

I was unable to work on uNmINeD in the summer, but now I’m back on track and already implemented a bunch of things. I have moved the project to .NET Core 3.0 because it supports both Span<T> and WPF. Span<T> gives better performance and cleaner code, and causes much less complications and headaches when implementing chunk processing and map rendering algorithms optimized for speed. I have also done some experiments with Forge and Fabric mods.

More info and new releases are coming soon.

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  1. CH

    Great news!

  2. Jeff

    Great to hear. Thanks

  3. evoluder

    How can I get that sweet cave view on the command line for the web render?

  4. Alex Taylor

    I can help you out with coding if you’d like. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in some help.

  5. Ajeje Brazorf

    Best minecraft mapper tool ever! Great Job!

    Any news on the next release?

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