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Several users have reported in recent months that uNmINeD downloads are very slow in many parts of the world, especially in Asia. Here is the solution: is now protected and accelerated by Cloudflare‘s global network, resulting in faster page loads and downloads worldwide.

The costs of this are covered by the advertising revenue of remains ad-free.

It is possible that you will experience problems accessing the site in the next few days due to the transition process.

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Many of you asked, so I have created a Discord server.
Click to join:

Please understand that I’m most likely busy with my full time job and other activites, so I can’t provide support for uNmINeD. Feel free to ask the community.

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Progress report

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I was unable to work on uNmINeD in the summer, but now I’m back on track and already implemented a bunch of things. I have moved the project to .NET Core 3.0 because it supports both Span<T> and WPF. Span<T> gives better performance and cleaner code, and causes much less complications and headaches when implementing chunk processing and map rendering algorithms optimized for speed. I have also done some experiments with Forge and Fabric mods.

More info and new releases are coming soon.

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uNmINeD for Minecraft 1.13+ was redesigned from scratch using some old code from the legacy version and new C# features like async/await. It’s based on .NET Core, so the command line version now can run on Linux and macOS. However, the GUI version still requires Windows 7 or later.

What to expect in the upcoming releases:

  • Image export
  • Dimensions (Nether, End, etc.)
  • Load/Save map settings
  • Configuration files for everything (map colors, custom blocks and biomes, etc.)
  • Block filter
  • Block highlighter/finder
  • Block list
  • Players
  • Waypoints
  • Structures (villages, strongholds, etc.)
  • Overlays (biomes, caves, errors, statistics, etc.)
  • Biome based coloring
  • Rendering using in-game textures
  • Map tile cache (for fast zoom out)
  • Chunk data viewer
  • Support for older Minecraft versions from 1.2 to 1.12.2

Requests are welcome.

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