uNmINeD 0.12.12-dev

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Ported to .NET Core 3.0
  • (GUI) Added support for 3D biome format used in Minecraft 1.15+
  • (GUI) Added dimensions (Nether, End, etc.)

This release requires the .NET Core 3.0 Desktop Runtime. See the download page for details.

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  1. Wojciech Gębczyk

    Thank you! Have you thought about possibility to make extensions? I would like to add some simple filters, etc

    1. Max Greenwich

      How about the ability to place markers or regions, can’t find any software that can do this. Also is there a way to export the current display of the map?

  2. X99

    The program crashes every time I try to export my map to an HTML file. I specify the destination folder, press generate, and it immediately closes. The world in question is an updated, expanded version of my Minecraft State map (planetminecraft.com/project/myers-bay-msa is the online link for the world. Not trying to advertise, just trying to show which map I’m using. The world I’m trying to upload is this one, but with more buildings and roads and about three times as much explored area). Is it crashing because the world is too big to load like this, or is it a bug?

    1. megasys

      Thank you for reporting this issue!
      I have uploaded a fixed version (0.12.14).

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