Roadmap update

What to expect in the upcoming releases:

  • Tile caching instead of re-rendering map tiles every time (highest priority)
  • Load/save map settings
  • GUI improvements (slicer toolbar, selection tool)
  • Markers (spawn, players, villages, etc.)
  • Block highlighter/finder
  • Overlays (biomes, caves, chunk properties, statistics, etc.)
  • Biome based coloring
  • Rendering blocks using in-game textures
  • Shadows
  • Support for Bedrock Edition saves
  • Source code release of Minecraft world handling libraries

Requests are welcome.

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  1. Zandel

    Love this program but you seem to have removed a feature in the latest update.
    Slice no longer has the water level button or the +/- buttons to go up/down a layer.
    Those features were very helpful and I am now regretting updating.
    If you could fix that fast or just re-enable downloading of the 0.13.5 version that would be great.
    Can’t wait till the new blocks like Deepslate and their ores are visible on the next version.

  2. Nilla

    Is there a way to load not loaded chunks? This is a great tool to export our smp map into a webpage but we wanna mark our territories but they are far away and it only our first day playing.

  3. Jo

    Feature request: when you right click on the map, you have the option “delete resource file”, which deletes the r.X.Y.mca file from the file system. Alternatively, copy the file path to the clipboard.
    (I use unmined to clean up my work when moving form one geography breaking release to the next.)

    If your source code is public, I’m happy to code the feature and pass it to you for approval.

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