Moving to Avalonia

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Avalonia works great. I am going to leave WPF and port the entire GUI to Avalonia, so Linux and macOS will also have a full featured uNmINeD GUI. This will also make the GUI development easier, faster, and more fun.

GUI on Linux and macOS

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I tried to port uNmINeD from the Windows-only WPF to Avalonia, a cross platform GUI framework for .NET.

The first quick attempt went relatively easy. There were some minor issues, and now it works on Windows, Linux, and presumably on macOS as well.

You can download it here.

Please let me know if it works on macOS!

uNmINeD GUI running on Ubuntu

Shadows are coming

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This is the first try of a shadow casting algorithm:

Icebergs without shadows
Icebergs with shadows
Mountains without shadows
Mountains with shadows

GUI release is coming soon

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This is the first image of the upcoming Windows GUI version showing a Minecraft 1.13.2 world: