[WIP] Caching

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The tile image caching is almost done. It’s a game changer.

The maximum zoom-out level will also be increased from 1:8 to at least 1:32768. At this zoom level a whole 60 million blocks wide world fits on the screen, making navigation easier.

Zooming out to 1:2048, black pixels are regions
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What’s next

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Now I’m working on a tile cache so uNmINeD doesn’t always have to redraw tiles when scrolling and zooming. I’m also testing adjustable water translucency, it looks pretty good:

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Bedrock status #3

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Today is the day of the first successful Bedrock rendering. It seems that Bedrock saves much less chunks to disk than Java Edition as you explore. Perhaps it only saves chunks that have changed since generation from seed.

The Bedrock chunk loader needs some optimization because it is now 100x slower than the Java one.

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Bedrock status

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This is the very first render of a Minecraft Bedrock world that shows a successful data extraction from LevelDB files (without the need for a LevelDB library). The darker areas show where the chunks are. The next thing will be to decode the chunk data and feed it into the rendering engine. I am very excited about what it will look like.

The very first render of a Minecraft Bedrock world in uNmINeD
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Roadmap update

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What to expect in the upcoming releases:

  • Tile caching instead of re-rendering map tiles every time (highest priority)
  • Load/save map settings
  • GUI improvements (slicer toolbar, selection tool)
  • Markers (spawn, players, villages, etc.)
  • Block highlighter/finder
  • Overlays (biomes, caves, chunk properties, statistics, etc.)
  • Biome based coloring
  • Rendering blocks using in-game textures
  • Shadows
  • Support for Bedrock Edition saves
  • Source code release of Minecraft world handling libraries

Requests are welcome.

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I have purchased Minecraft for Windows 10 / Bedrock Edition too see what can I do 🙂 Huge mountains in beta are awesome. Can’t wait to see them in uNmINeD.

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[WIP] Selection and overlays

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I’m working on a selection tool to make image export easier and to support other upcoming features:

Developing a rectangle selection tool

The new rendering workflow makes possible to implement various overlays based on any chunk information like data version, status, last update, inhabited time, entities, or the amount of a given block type.

This is a heat map showing inhabited time (how long the players have been in the area):

Inhabited time heatmap on the nerd.nu PVE (rev25) world
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