Roadmap update

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Many features have been added this year, like Bedrock support, tile caching, biome and blockstate styles, shadows, virtually infinite zoom, saved map settings and more. uNmINeD has improved a lot, now it supports older Minecraft versions, block styles can be defined using JavaScript, and it works on Linux and macOS thanks to AvaloniaUI. A huge amount of work and sleepless nights were spent on optimization, now it’s incredibly fast and uses low amount of memory.


  • Some docs and howtos
  • Image/web export improvements
  • Custom map markers
  • Entities and POIs, villages, mobs, etc.
  • Players
  • GUI improvements
  • Selection tool
  • Chunk data view/export
  • Block highlighter/finder
  • Overlays (biomes, caves, chunk properties, statistics, etc.)
  • Rendering blocks using in-game textures
  • Better shadows
  • Better error handling and reporting
  • Source code release of the Minecraft world reading libraries
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[WIP] Caching

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The tile image caching is almost done. It’s a game changer.

The maximum zoom-out level will also be increased from 1:8 to at least 1:32768. At this zoom level a whole 60 million blocks wide world fits on the screen, making navigation easier.

Zooming out to 1:2048, black pixels are regions
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