[WIP] Biomes

The first biome render using random colors 😀

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  1. Delvin4519

    can we add an option for grass and foliage colors to use the biome foliage colors instead of the same green/brown color?

  2. Peter

    Agreed, I’d love to see all the blocks using their actual natural colors, instead of the weird elevation gradient that some blocks use.

    Also another cool feature would be if foliage which naturally is not a full opaque block like flowers and grass could be translucent instead of opaque.

  3. megasys

    The use of actual in-game block colors and biome tints sounds good, have tried many times, but the result image is an ugly mess. Because of this, uNmINeD uses colors from a balanced color palette to create good looking maps.

    Turning off the elevation gradient results in a flat looking map, as if there were no mountains. However, it will be possible to turn it off in the next releases, as many people find it weird.

    Foliage translucency looks good only when zooming in and using textures instead of plain colors.
    See this old post for examples: https://unmined.intro.hu/2015/02/06/1714

    Using different foliage/grass/water colors for each biome will be possible soon. uNmIneD will use different colors for savanna, swamp, badlands, taiga, and tundra biomes by default, and it will be fully configurable for all biomes.

    The purpose of uNmINeD is to render a cartography styled map with simplified colors, instead of trying to resemble the look of the game. You can assign different colors for each block in the configuration files if you want (see stylesheet.js).

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