Upcoming features

Rendering blocks using textures:

Real shadows:

Compared to current heightmap based shadows (look at the tree shadows in the middle):

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  1. _xiaomin_

    Will there be a 3D mode in the future?

    1. megasys

      Yes, I have plans for an isometric 3D view

  2. Delvin4519

    Could it be possible to add a view that simply shows the biomes directly (i.e. just render each coordinate as minecraft:biome_color). It’d be a useful view instead of using the biome tooltip per block at the bottom of the UI to see the biome map directly. Especially useful for worlds with altered biome scale size with datapacks/1.12 customized vanilla worlds, or if there’s a lot of builds that obscure the water/grass/leaves.

    The biome map colors usually use ones identical to AMIDST for 1.17-, but 1.18+ colors usually are from chunkbase/cubiomes to render the biomes.

  3. vince4728

    is it possible to use it on a private server or would it ever be?

  4. GTRoberts

    Is it possible to change the color used for ancient debris or the color for quartz ore? I’m not sure if its me, but they both look to be using exactly the same color

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