[WIP] Biomes #2

The first result of biome conditional rendering (can you find the savanna?):

Update: it will work with 1.12 worlds as well:

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  1. Delvin4519

    will it be able to read 1.12 biomes or only 1.18 biomes?, since some biomes got renamed or removed in 1.13 and/or 1.18.

    1. megasys

      Yep, I have updated the post. Before 1.18, biomes were stored using numeric IDs, so renaming is not an issue. uNmINeD converts these numbers to biome names using the file “Metapacks/Default/java.minecraft.biomenumbers.json”.

  2. Doug

    This tools is excellent, thank you for working on it!


    1/ I see in the last screenshot above the player is marked — how does this work? I can’t see my localion on my world. I’m on the latest version of bedrock.

    2/ My world has alot of empty chunks, are they just not generated yet? I can see them in game… Is there a way to fill these in without walking over to each of them?

    Thanks again, great work!

    1. megasys

      1/ Player and spawn markers are not yet availabe for Bedrock.
      2/ Bedrock only saves chunks that have changed since generation. A world pregenerator can be used to fill these missing chunks.

  3. Paganosterix

    great job.
    Some more ideas:
    – Is it possible to render all dimensions and layers, like biome, to a single web output?
    – How to render the biome-layer with the CLI?

    I don’t use the GUI, i just want to create daily a new web version of my BDS for all of my users. They like that to plan their activities. For that i only use the CLI version, which seems to be less powerfull then the GUI version.

    Thx for this great peace of software!

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