uNmINeD 0.14.9

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • Improved performance: reduced memory allocation stress, huge drop in GC wait time, +50% speed
  • (GUI) Shadow rendering* is available again
  • (CLI) Added --night parameter for night mode rendering
  • (CLI) Added --shadows parameter for rendering shadows
  • Fixed crashes in web map export

* Note that this is a simple heightmap based shadow algorithm that does not handle floating objects, bridges, overhangs, and other structures with holes. Accurate shadow calculation will come later.

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  1. Matt

    What is the format required for the –shadow CLI parameter?

    1. Loggerman

      –shadows? it’s `–shadows true` or `–shadows false`

  2. Jens


    Seems like the M1 APP is not Working on Apple M1 ;(

    Greez Jens

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