uNmINeD 0.17.2

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • Added support for int32 section Ys (this fixes “System.InvalidOperationException: Operation ReadSByte is not supported on tag type Int” when loading chunks)
  • Fixed “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” when generating web maps

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  1. Loggerman

    On Windows 7, unmined-cli tries to load a WinRT DLL (api-ms-win-core-winrt-l1-1-0.dll), which is only available in Win8+

    1. megasys

      Self contained apps don’t seem to work on Windows 7.
      Install the .NET 6 Runtime and try the blue downloads. These work for me on Win7 SP1.

      1. Loggerman

        Thanks, it launches that way.

        I know it might be a lot to ask since Win7 is falling out of support, but Win 7 Command Prompt (or maybe all Command Prompt versions, haven’t tested) doesn’t handle the colour codes (i think that’s what they are?) properly (below). Possible to skip them in Win7?

        ←[38;5;0242m[←[0m←[38;5;0246m20:19:40←[0m←[38;5;0242m ←[0m←[37;1mINF←[0m←[38;5;0242m] (←[0m←[38;5;0246mmain←[0m←[38;5;02
        42m) ←[0m←[38;5;0253muNmINeD command line interface v←[0m←[38;5;0216m0.17.3-dev←[0m
        ←[38;5;0242m[←[0m←[38;5;0246m20:19:40←[0m←[38;5;0242m ←[0m←[37;1mINF←[0m←[38;5;0242m] (←[0m←[38;5;0246mmain←[0m←[38;5;02
        42m) ←[0m←[38;5;0253mPlatform: ←[0m←[38;5;0216mwin7-x64←[0m←[38;5;0253m (←[0m←[38;5;0216m.NET 6.0.1←[0m←[38;5;0253m) on
        ←[0m←[38;5;0216mMicrosoft Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1←[0m
        ←[38;5;0242m[←[0m←[38;5;0246m20:19:40←[0m←[38;5;0242m ←[0m←[37;1mINF←[0m←[38;5;0242m] (←[0m←[38;5;0246mmain←[0m←[38;5;02
        42m) ←[0m←[38;5;0253mArchitecture: ←[0m←[38;5;0079mX64←[0m←[38;5;0253m, threads: ←[0m←[38;5;151m8←[0m←[38;5;0253m, 64 bi
        t: ←[0m←[38;5;0038mTrue←[0m

        Usage: unmined-cli [options]

        Available modules:

        image Single image file generator
        web HTML/JS web map generator

        Show available verbs for a module: unmined-cli help
        Show available options for a verb: unmined-cli help


        unmined-cli image help
        unmined-cli image help render


        1. megasys

          Fixed in 0.17.4, thanks

  2. endrMinr

    You still support this! When 1.18 didnt work with the version I had I was so sad, fearing you had abandoned this, but nope, you have made my day. Thanks!

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