uNmINeD 0.17.4 – Hotfix

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Fixed a bug introduced in 0.17.3 that caused the file %AppData%\uNmINeD\guisettings.json to grow exponentially on every startup up to a point where uNmINeD could not start because it ran out of memory.
  • (CLI) Fixed console output colors on Windows 7

This version fixes guisettings.json on startup. Please update if you use 0.17.3.

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  1. BuckBackup

    It seems to lock up around 98.65%. I’ve let it sit for over an hour at that point, It uses about 12% of CPU constantly and memory usage hovers around 400MB but seems to drop slowly over time. But it never finishes.

    1. megasys

      Do you use the CLI or the GUI?
      Can you send me the world for debugging?

  2. BuckBackup

    GUI. It’s a 6GB world but I’d be happy to send it to you. Got an upload location? PM me if you still want it. I see .5 is out.

    1. megasys

      I think it’s fixed in 0.17.7.

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