uNmINeD 0.18.1 – Customization

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • Brighter map
  • Added dark forest biome style
  • Added vanilla biome tints option to render vanilla biomes using in-game tints
  • Flat grass option now flattens out tall grass (to hide elevation shading and shadows cast by grass/flower/sapling/etc. blocks)
  • Moved/renamed configuration files (blockcolors.txt => config/blockstyles.txt)
  • Added support for *.blockstyles.txt config files (to customize block styles)
  • Added support for *.biometints.txt config files (to customize biome tints)
  • Added support for *.blocktags.txt config files (to add modded blocks)
  • Added support for *.colors.txt config files (to change map colors)
  • Added support for biome based coloring in *.blockstyles.txt
  • Added support for biome tints in *.blockstyles.txt
  • Fixed crashes

About the configuration files

uNmINeD loads configuration from the following files in the config folder:

  • Block styles from *.blockstyles.txt
  • Biome tints from *.biometints.txt
  • Color IDs from *.colors.txt
  • Block tags from *.blocktags.txt
  • Block tags from *.blocktags.js
  • Stylesheets from *.stylesheet.js
  • Biome number mappings from *.biomenumbers.java.json (for JE before 1.18)
  • Biome number mappings from *.biomenumbers.bedrock.json (for BE)
  • Block number mappings from *.blocknumbers.java.json (for JE before 1.13)

Good to know:

  • You can edit all these config files, and add your own.
  • uNmINeD looks for configuration files inside all subfolders and ZIP archives.
  • It is recommended to keep config files in subfolders (config/my-awesome-pack/blockstyles.txt), or in ZIP arhives (config/my-awesome-pack.zip), especially if you want to share them.
  • Postfixes “.java” and “.bedrock” can be added to any config file name to load them only for those world types (eg. my.blockstyles.java.txt will be loaded only for Java worlds).
  • Biome number mappings are not used for Java Edition 1.18 and newer versions.
  • Block number mappings are used only for Java Edition 1.13 and older versions.
  • Block numbers are not used for Bedrock Edition.
  • Config files in the default subfolder are loaded first, then the others in alphabetical order. Inside a subfolder or a ZIP archive, file names starting with “default.” are loaded first. If a value is defined in multiple files, the last value loaded will be used.

Other configuration locations:

  • Biome tints can be loaded from data packs in the game folder.
  • Block number mappings are loaded from level.dat in the game folder for Forge worlds before JE 1.13.


Dark forest with and without shadows:

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  1. Delvin4519

    It seems though red sand and dye colors for stained hardened clay terracotta broke for minecraft 1.12.2 worlds again

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