uNmINeD 0.18.14

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (New) CLI: Added 32-bit ARM builds for Linux
  • (Fixed) Bedrock chunk loader cannot decode 16 bit arrays and crashes

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  1. dosman

    support for macOS 10.13?

    1. c-staxxks

      I just tried it an no, macOS 10.13 is not gonna work. It needs 10.14 at minimum.

  2. Daniel

    Is there a way to look after a specific block?

    1. Doug

      You can use either the filter (to show ONLY the specific type) or highlight (to highlight the specific type on the map on top of the normal map) features to find specific block types.

      1. Brian

        This combination of features (filter and highlight) is amazing! The highlight is what you want to use if you are looking for something like ancient debris. The filter can be easier if you are looking for structures (filter out natural).

        1. Steve

          How does one highlight a particular block?

  3. Dottore

    I downloaded the program and i can’t execute it, when i click it or press execute as administrator nothing happens…
    i have windows 7 64-bits and i downloaded that version but doesn’t work, please help u_u

    1. Jappe

      Same here on Win 10 x64

      1. Jappe

        Solved using “Properties” in windows file explorer for unmined.exe: In “General” below “Attributes” there was a security-checkbox i had to tick

  4. Tsumetai Kaze

    I’ve been looking for a program to map an old world of mine for so long. Is there an older version of this program that supports 1.0.0?

  5. AJ

    Hey there, I couldn’t find this covered in an earlier release but I’ve been able to get the M1 Mac version working with some fiddling and wanted to share what I learned, hope it helps!

    MacOS code-signing does *NOT* like directories with a ‘.’ character in them, which unmined has for /if.vanillaBiomeTints. This is a problem that Qt encounters as well, they created this python “fixer” sort of script but it seems a bit like overkill for unmined (https://github.com/pyinstaller/pyinstaller/wiki/Recipe-OSX-Code-Signing-Qt).

    Since this makes the code-signing fail, however application signing was being applied was likely failing. It may have spit out an error like:
    uNmINeD.app: bundle format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable
    In subcomponent: /Applications/uNmINeD.app/Contents/MacOS/config/default/if.vanillaBiomeTints

    So to get things working I took two steps:
    1) Created a symlink/alias called “if.vanillaBiomeTints” which points to a (now renamed) directory of vanillaBiomeTints
    2) Re-signed the application locally with: `codesign –force –deep –sign – /Applications/uNmINeD.app`

    Step 2 requires Xcode/Dev tools to be installed, and as a general rule it’s a really really bad idea to just force sign applications downloaded from the internet. So anyone reading this who isn’t too familiar with mac development, don’t do what I did :).

    Was able to open a world and view it just fine but I haven’t done a full sweep through the app so there may be some bugs hiding there. Performance is usable but far from ideal, probably 30-ish fps when dragging the map around. This is on a 32GB M1 Max, so there’s a slowdown somewhere in the chain of things (hard to say without profiling).

    Thanks for making unmined! Hope this helps.

  6. Rick Astley


  7. Kyr

    This is Amazing. Thank you for all this.
    I’d love a way to ‘drop pins’ with labels onto the map.
    “Entrance to Tunnel 5” , “Village of the Dumbed” ” Dig Here for Lush Cavern”

  8. Yuu

    This is a really amazing program. It is designed so clean and it is powerful. Very beautiful. Thank you!

  9. seth

    I tried the aarch64/arm64 version of unmined on my m1 MacBook Pro and it didn’t work just fiy.
    I am using the x64 version now and it works perfectly fine.
    Only that you know it.

    Best regards

    1. Matt

      Also tried M1 version on 2020 Mini and it wouldn’t open. Tried the intel version for MacOS and it works, but very laggy/stutters. Thanks

      1. megasys

        Thanks for reporting M1 results.
        Please try 0.18.15, it’s compiled with updated M1 libraries.

        1. Matt

          No difference in 0.18.15, M1 still won’t open and Intel version opens but performance lags

  10. Shift

    Amazing, just waiting for 1.19 blocks to be added.

  11. Sheepscalibur

    Is there any way the show the Nether in 0.18.14-dev? I cannot for the life of me find an option that let’s me switch dimenstions?

    1. Bwame

      When you open uNmINeD, you will see the worlds you have on the left. When I double click on my current world it then lists (3) options, (Overworld), (Nether), & (End). You should not have to actually of been to the nether yet for it to list it as an option. I have not yet been to the end in my current world and it still lists it.

      If for some reason the app opens into your current world’s overland automatically (mine has not just throwing out options), then click on the 3 dots for the menu in the top left. It will the same menu as i referenced above. Should list (Nether) under your save.

  12. Performa

    After the last Minecraft update to 1.19, I’ve found that Unmined no longer reads any map data in new worlds created after the update, or old worlds updated to the latest version. It will crash outright while trying to view these maps.

    I’m hopeful there’s a fix for this that I’m just missing, as Unmined is my most-used tool for managing my large format builds.

    1. megasys

      Bedrock or Java?
      Did 0.18.15 fix it?

  13. Barry

    No longer working with latest Bedrock update

    1. megasys

      Fixed in 0.18.15

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