uNmINeD 0.19.5-dev

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Added transparency slider for barrier blocks
  • Added customizable heightmap color gradients (see library/heightmaps and library/depthmaps)
  • Fixed zoom-out tile rendering for far away areas in web export
  • Added rgba(r,g,b,a) color parsing for transparent block colors (r=0..255, g=0..255, b=0..255, a=0.0..1.0)
  • Minor fixes

Heightmap rendering mode:

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  1. Delvin4519

    It seems though the default heightmap is always grayscale, meaning to get the color scale it has to be reopened every time selecting another world or dimension.

  2. megasys

    This is true for all other settings as well because they are not saved/loaded automatically.

    You can change the defaults by saving your settings (folder tab on the right sidebar), and setting the saved settings as default in the right click menu.

    1. Delvin4519

      This helps with the issue a lot.

      One problem with the current feature: There seems to be a hard coded setting that automatically sets the Nether to load in slice mode at y61, and that Nether default cannot be customized to X-ray mode at y126 without setting all dimensions to that in the saved file.

      There doesnt seem to be a way to do so without having and maintaing 2 different files; but only 1 setting is allowed to be the default.

      If these 2 Nether settings are compared, would X-ray mode at y126 be better for the default loading Nether dimension, than the existing slice mode at y62?

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