uNmINeD 0.19.8-dev

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Added textured rendering (feature preview)
    • The textured rendering is a feature preview, it’s only available in the GUI at this time (no export, no CLI). It works with Java worlds, and requires Minecraft to be installed.
  • Optimization
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Faster chunk processing
    • Faster shadow mapping (huge boost for 3D shadows!)
    • Faster expression evaluating, tag resolving and stylesheet rule processing
    • Faster rendering
    • Faster initial map loading
  • Shadow rendering
    • Improved and high resolution shadow mapping that looks good when zooming in
    • Grass, flowers and other blocks tagged with #shadowless do not cast shadows and appear flat, resulting a clearer image
  • Biome tinting
    • Improved biome tinting
    • Biome tints are now enabled by default (turn it off to get the classic uNmINeD look)
    • Cartographic elevation gradient is now compatible with biome tinting
    • Biome tints are loaded from Java game folder mods (../../mods)
  • Code cleaning
    • (GUI) Fixed memory leaks
    • (GUI) Viewmodel lifetime management fixes
    • (GUI) Updated Caliburn.Micro.Avalonia to the official package

Known issues:

  • In some cases, there is still a significant memory leak after closing a world.

Breaking changes:

  • Map settings related to biome tinting has changed. You may need to adjust your saved map settings created with earlier versions.

Rendering with textures and high resolution 3D shadow mapping:

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  1. Stephen

    Is there a way to tell it where to look for Minecraft installations?

  2. CoderCharlie

    How to render the map using Minecraft textures?
    I can’t find the settings.

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