uNmINeD 0.19.23-dev

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Updated AvaloniaUI to 11.0.6
  • (GUI) Changed biome icon due to legal reasons (I accidentally chose a tree icon which is the Gumtree.com brand logo)
  • Minor fixes

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  1. wes

    certain deepslate blocks are loaded as a white texture for my bedrock saves

  2. Travis

    Just want to say this app is amazing and beautiful. Really appreciate the support for bedrock worlds. Would have paid or donated but didn’t see a way to.

    Really hope it continues to get updated. Seems like a lot of projects like this get abandoned eventually.

    Also as a professional BA, this is spectacular work, I can’t think of much to improve it. Whoever did this will be incredibly successful as a SWE.

    1. Jacky

      Yeah, this is an incredible project!

      The creator does have a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/megasys that’s linked on https://unmined.net/downloads/ in the red button 🙂

  3. sp854

    i would love for you to add a night map to see the light pollution and where you have settled

    1. megasys

      It is already available for Java worlds (see the tab with a cog icon on the right sidebar). It does not work with Bedrock worlds because Bedrock does not save light information.

      1. Jack

        I think it could be done if you tracked the location of light producing blocks and did a similer thing that is done with shadows, but with light.

        1. megasys

          This would require a different approach than shadows if you want to get the same light levels as in the game. You have to find light producing blocks, then calculate light levels for the sorrounding area using the same 3D flood-fill algorithm used in Minecraft (see https://minecraft.wiki/w/Light#Block_light).

          Using the raycasting algorithm also used for shadows would give a different result. In this case, you have to cast a ray from every block towards all nearby light sources to calculate the light level. This would be much slower and cannot be optimized like shadows where there is only one light source which does not have to be searched for and always shines from the same direction.

          I don’t think I will implement light level calculation in the near future because there are many other features that users are more looking forward to.

  4. pola

    I can’t load my bedrock edition wold, it says “error loading world, keysize is zero”

  5. Stephen

    This app is incredible and so easy to use, so I am very grateful, but I was wondering if rendering with game textures is coming to Bedrock worlds any time soon? Still love it, but would be great to have this feature!

  6. Jack

    Would It be possible to add a feature that allowed use to place markers on the map that would be saved every time we open the app? for exapmle placing a maker over an ocean to lable it “Northern Sea” or a marker over you base that says “Base”.

  7. Joshua

    How do I change the color of blocks, I need to change the color of chests to something that stands out and not grey as it matches the background frequently

    1. megasys

      Add this line to config/custom.blockstyles.txt:

      minecraft:chest = #ff0000

      Change #ff0000 to the color of your choice. The format is the same as HTML/CSS (#rrggbb)

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