GUI on Linux and macOS

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I tried to port uNmINeD from the Windows-only WPF to Avalonia, a cross platform GUI framework for .NET.

The first quick attempt went relatively easy. There were some minor issues, and now it works on Windows, Linux, and presumably on macOS as well.

You can download it here.

Please let me know if it works on macOS!

uNmINeD GUI running on Ubuntu
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uNmINeD 0.12.17-dev

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New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • Moved to .NET 5.0
  • Added new blocks from the upcoming Minecraft 1.17
  • Added support for negative build heights (Y below zero)

Command line interface changes:

  • (CLI) Added --dimension, --slicey and --gndxray parameters to web export
  • (CLI) Self-contained releases became availabe for Linux and macOS (bigger download size, no dependencies, can be run without .NET runtime installed)
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uNmINeD 0.12.16-dev (CLI)

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The command line version of uNmINeD for Windows/Linux/MacOS has been updated to keep up with the latest GUI version (download).


  • (CLI) Updated to keep up with the latest GUI version
  • (CLI) Updated to .NET Core 3.1
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uNmINeD 0.12.12-dev

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New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Ported to .NET Core 3.0
  • (GUI) Added support for 3D biome format used in Minecraft 1.15+
  • (GUI) Added dimensions (Nether, End, etc.)

This release requires the .NET Core 3.0 Desktop Runtime. See the download page for details.

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Progress report

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I was unable to work on uNmINeD in the summer, but now I’m back on track and already implemented a bunch of things. I have moved the project to .NET Core 3.0 because it supports both Span<T> and WPF. Span<T> gives better performance and cleaner code, and causes much less complications and headaches when implementing chunk processing and map rendering algorithms optimized for speed. I have also done some experiments with Forge and Fabric mods.

More info and new releases are coming soon.

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uNmINeD for Minecraft 1.13+ was redesigned from scratch using some old code from the legacy version and new C# features like async/await. It’s based on .NET Core, so the command line version now can run on Linux and macOS. However, the GUI version still requires Windows 7 or later.

What to expect in the upcoming releases:

  • Image export
  • Dimensions (Nether, End, etc.)
  • Load/Save map settings
  • Configuration files for everything (map colors, custom blocks and biomes, etc.)
  • Block filter
  • Block highlighter/finder
  • Block list
  • Players
  • Waypoints
  • Structures (villages, strongholds, etc.)
  • Overlays (biomes, caves, errors, statistics, etc.)
  • Biome based coloring
  • Rendering using in-game textures
  • Map tile cache (for fast zoom out)
  • Chunk data viewer
  • Support for older Minecraft versions from 1.2 to 1.12.2

Requests are welcome.

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