I have purchased Minecraft for Windows 10 / Bedrock Edition too see what can I do 🙂 Huge mountains in beta are awesome. Can’t wait to see them in uNmINeD.

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  1. Timothy O'Connor

    I would love to see this app work with Windows 10 realms. I have a massive road network which takes hours (real time) on horse to get from one end of my “empire” to the other. Many thousands of hours in it’s creation. A map that I could annotate would be prefect.

    I also love the fact you only show what has been explored…as I only play in survival mode.

    Finally, a map that would mimic the textures would be out of this world.

    1. Ashton

      It only showed explored chunks because other chunks that have not been loaded yet do not yet exist, and therefore can’t be loaded.
      If you can export your realm into a mcworld file, then export it, open the mcworld file, check to see if you have obtained it as a normal world in minecraft, and then see if unmined picks it up.

  2. Sans

    Thank you for trying to do this

  3. Dave

    If you need any help beta testing Bedrock support then i am willing to help.

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