uNmINeD 0.18.28

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • Added tagging for blockstates. This makes tag based styling possible for Bedrock where blockstates often have different styles.
  • Added a new parser for evaluating block and biome expressions (can be used with filters, highlighters, tags and styles)
  • Added blockstate support to filters
  • Added blockstate support to highlighters
  • Added support for rgb(r, g, b) color format where r, g and b are 0-255
  • Fixed negative coordinate related issues on systems with incompatible integer format settings

The new expression parser and evaluator supports not only blockstates but complex expressions with and/or/xor/not logical operators and parenthesis. It is also compatible with the previous format.

Example expressions:

  • block name: dirt
  • with namespace: minecraft:dirt
  • wildcards: *:*_leaves
  • blockstate properties: sand[sand_type:red]
  • logical NOT (exclamation mark): !sand
  • logical OR (comma): *_leaves, *_log
  • logical AND (space): *_slab smooth_*
  • logical XOR (caret): *_slab ^ smooth_*
  • parenthesis: !(acacia_leaves, oak_leaves) ([distance:3], [distance:5])

Operator precedence from highest to lowest: NOT, AND, XOR, OR.

Note: commas between blockstate properties are not considered OR operators, but list separators: leaves[old_leaf_type:oak,persistent_bit:0]

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