uNmINeD 0.19.35-dev

New uNmINeD development snapshot is available for download!


  • (GUI) Updated Avalonia to 11.0.10
  • (GUI) Added a GUI control to limit CPU usage (located in the upper right corner after opening a world)
  • (CLI) Added --chunkprocessors=x option to limit CPU usage, where x is the number of chunks processed simultaneously. The default value is the number of your CPU threads.

With these settings you can slow down uNmINeD and make it less CPU-hungry, preventing other running apps or games from lagging and overclocked/undercooled CPUs from “melting”.

The number of CPU threads cannot be limited for a .NET application (however, you can use virtual machines or containers to limit the CPU usage of any application). The CPU limiter in uNmINeD only limits the number of chunks that can be processed simultaneously. The actual number of running threads can be higher than this.

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  1. Mister Owl on YT

    Hi Minecraft bedrock made changes to the block names and now there’s huge patches of white grass everywhere we need a hotfix asap please! Much love!

    1. megasys

      Thanks, fixed in 0.19.36

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